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Attorney Joe Horrox became a personal injury lawyer to help clients obtain the maximum monetary settlements in their cases. Practicing personal injury law more than 26 years, Mr. Horrox keeps clients informed at each step of their case so they can focus on their recovery. Joe Horrox Law also guarantees that their clients’ net settlement will be more than what the law firm receives.

Joe Horrox: My name is Joe Horrox, I’m with Joe Horrox PA, we’re a personal injury law firm in Daytona Beach, Florida. I’ve been practicing personal injury law for more than 26 years now. Male Voice 1: And that kind of experience enables Joe Horrox Law to obtain the maximum monetary recovery for their personal injury clients. Male Voice 2: Joe turned around and got me a settlement for over two hundred and fifty thousand, so that’s comparing to another lawyer saying that we can’t do too much for you, and Joe coming around and making it happen. Male Voice 1: Joe Horrox Law closely evaluates each case, and will get you the settlements you deserve. Joe Horrox: I like to provide the client with a blueprint, as far as what to expect from the start of the case to its ultimate conclusion, I don’t like my clients guessing as far as what the next steps are in the case. So when my clients leave an initial consultation with me, I believe they leave my office very well informed. Male Voice 1: Joe Horrox Law believes that keeping clients well informed helps alleviate the anxiety of complex legal matters, allowing clients to focus on recovery, and getting back to their normal lives. Male Voice 3: Because they were always in communication with us, it really helped me to be able to be more patient and tolerate what was going on, because I understood, and I was informed. Male Voice 1: And if that isn’t enough, Joe Horrox Law guarantees that their clients’ net settlement proceeds will always be more than the attorney fees. Joe Horrox: Another thing that sets us apart is our law firm guarantee, and by that I mean we guarantee that at the settlement of the case, our client will walk away with more than what we get in terms of attorney fees. Male Voice 1: Guarantees like this are not found everyday, it’s their guarantee and honesty which makes Joe Horrox Law stand out from the rest. Female Voice 1: I do really appreciate the honesty of Mr. Horrox, and fairness, and his professionalism. Female Voice 2: I was thrilled with my experience at the Horrox Law Firm because they just went out of their way to make sure that I was satisfied, and answered any questions I might have had, and I always felt like I could call them at any time. Male Voice 1: Joe Horrox Law, a firm you can trust.

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