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Determining the Value of Your Claim

Joe Horrox Law works with clients to understand their cases thoroughly to help them achieve maximum compensation for their personal injuries. The value of your claim is dependent upon a variety of factors, including lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering, among other factors. Joe Horrox advises clients that lawyers who will tell them a hard number for the value of their claim up front may not be giving an honest answer.

Very often when I meet with a client for the very first time, he or she will ask me, “So, what is my claim worth,” and at that point, I basically tell that client, “We really don’t know what your claim is worth at this particular point, because really you don’t know the extent of your injuries and what the future medical outlook is going to be for you, and until we have answers to those two specific questions, we certainly cannot say what your claim is going to be worth. Your claim is also, from a value standpoint, dependent upon, at the end of your medical treatment, how much outstanding medical bills and wage loss you have, and we have to factor in the pain and suffering that you have endured.” So, until the client completes their medical treatment, I would submit that there is no lawyer worth his or her salt that can tell you what your claim is worth.

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