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Handling Your Wrongful Death Case

A personal injury lawyer can help you with your loved one’s wrongful death case. The statute of limitations is shorter with a wrongful death case than with other personal injury cases, so obtaining a lawyer quickly is very important. The team at Joe Horrox Law has the experience you need when you pursue your wrongful death claim in court.


Joe Horrox: Anyone who’s dealing with a wrongful death case, it’s even that much more important they consult immediately with the personal injury lawyer knowledgeable in that area of the law. Because actually, the statute of limitations, with respect to wrongful death claims in the state of Florida, is two years, not the standard four years for general negligence claims such as automobile, slip and fall, and motorcycle cases. So it is of the utmost priority to meet with a lawyer who knows about that area of the law. And who best protects you and your family. Wrongful death cases are also different from the standard negligence type of cases such as automobile, motorcycle, and slip and fall. Because, you actually have to setup an estate proceeding before you can pursue your wrongful death claim in court. So there is extra legal work that is necessary in order to ultimately get you to the result you need to get.

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