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Seeking Help from a Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you have been injured because of a bicycle accident, Joe Horrox Law can help you navigate your case to receive the compensation you deserve. By enlisting a bicycle accident attorney to help with your case, you can find out who is at fault for the accident and receive compensation. Joe Horrox believes you deserve to have your injuries treated by the best possible doctors so you can begin your road to recovery.

Should somebody be injured in a bicycle accident, they should immediately seek medical attention to document the fact that they were injured in that specific accident, and obviously for their own health sake that they pursue such treatment. After that, they should seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable in that area of the law because bicycle laws are a little bit more different than, let us say, automobile or motorcycle laws. There are a lot of serious accidents on a bicycle because when you think about it, you have a lot less protection when you’re on a bicycle than, say, if you’re in an automobile or a truck, for example. Also, in certain situations in this state, if you’re injured on a bicycle you do not have to show a permanent or prove a permanent injury in order to entitle pain and suffering damages. In some situations on bicycles you do, in others you don’t. One of the first things that our law firm can do for accident victims who have been on bicycles is to make sure that they get the proper medical attention given what their specific injuries are. It’s all about getting to the right doctors if you’re going to get to your 100% maximum medical improvement. So, what we do is we see what the client’s injuries are, what their complaints of pain are, and then we pretty much will figure out what specific type of doctor would be best suitable for them in order to get them on the road to 100% recovery as soon as it’s possible given what their conditions happen to be. In terms of who can be held accountable with respect to bicycle accidents, it would come down to who is at fault, or who the evidence can show is at fault, for causing that accident whether it’s another motorist, motorcyclists, truck driver — it’s whoever was negligent in causing the accident. That is who is held accountable.

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