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Pedestrian Accident Testimonial

A client of Joe Horrox Law describes his accident in which he was struck from behind by a vehicle while he was walking. Joe Horrox helped the client with his pedestrian accident claim, helping him know what to expect throughout the duration of his medical treatment and case. He appreciates the extra time the law firm took to keep him fully informed until he received his compensation.


I was lifting weights at a gym, and I was leaving the gym, going through the parking lot towards my vehicle. And a kid who wasn’t driving safely ran into me from behind. He struck me while I was walking. So, that night I had to be in a lot of pain. And the next morning I ended up in the emergency room. So, I just called some friends and said, you know, “Does anyone recommend any lawyers?” And a friend of mine actually recommended Mr. Horrox. Mr. Horrox and his law firm assisted me by coaching me through the necessary process, with having to go through the necessary doctor’s appointments, which I never would have done. And he very plainly explained to me exactly what the process was going to be and what we were to expect as far as timelines and whatnot. Then we proceeded to file the claim. Mr. Horrox and his staff were very professional. They were very helpful. Not afraid to explain things to us when we didn’t understand all of the legal jargon and whatnot. One of the most challenging aspects of this whole process was having to wait. At the beginning I was in a lot of pain, and I wanted to see compensation pretty quickly, because I was worried about hospital bills and being away from work, things like that. But, because they were always in communication with us, it really helped me to be able to be more patient and tolerate what was going on, because I understood and I was informed. I was very happy with my overall experience. Because of the nature of what transpired with the accident, I didn’t think I was going to get anything, except for maybe my hospital bills covered, which was more than I really would hope for. But, he was able to actually get me some more compensation, and was able to get things through the doctors that even helped me continue on to today. I would definitely recommend this law firm to my friends and family, because when we walked in the door we were treated like people. They seemed to really care about the process and keeping us informed. I say that a lot because it’s important. I like to be informed and communicated with. They didn’t just shuffle us to the side. I actually went to a lawyer before Mr. Horrox, and we were just kind of put in a file, and that made me feel terrible. They coached us through the whole process, treated us like people, were always communicating with us, and that made us feel nice and warm inside.

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