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Navigating Motorcycle Accident Law to Help You

Joe Horrox Law helps clients receive compensation for their own injuries or the injuries of a loved one following a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident laws require that a victim prove that the person that caused the accident was at fault. To establish damages and injuries, clients should document their medical care carefully with guidance of an experienced lawyer like Joe Horrox.

Should a person be injured in a motorcycle accident or have a loved one injured in such an accident, they should immediately consult with a lawyer who is familiar with those laws that are designed just for motorcycle cases. You need a lawyer who’s going to be able to best apply those laws in your particular case given what the facts of the case are. Whether you’re injured in a motorcycle, automobile, or fall down accident case in the state of Florida, there are essentially three things you need going in your favor in order for you to make a successful recovery. First of all what you need is you need to show that the person that caused your accident is at fault for causing the accident. You need to be able to prove they’re at fault and if you can prove they’re 100% at fault, then you’re entitled to recover 100% of your damages, which is really the second thing you need going for you. You need damages, you need injuries in order to pursue a claim and in order to establish damages and injuries, you need to document your medical care and have it related to the given accident you’re seeking legal representation on. But, moreover, even if you have clear liability on the part of the other party and you have the most serious damages, it’s very difficult to get anywhere unless you have good insurance coverage behind the at fault party who caused your accident. So, you need all three things going for you in these cases in order for you to make 100% recovery. Those three things that are essential for you making a 100% recovery of your damages are clear liability on the part of the other party, damages, actual injuries, and insurance coverage behind the at fault party who caused the actual accident.

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