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Recovering Those Damages You Deserve

In Florida, the types of damages that a personal injury victim can recover include past and future medical expenses, past and future wage losses, and past and future pain and suffering. Joe Horrox Law helps its clients present their cases clearly so they can receive the benefits they deserve. Because of Mr. Horrox’s experience, he can help clients understand what they can expect in their case and present their case efficiently.

Typically, the type of damages an accident victim is entitled to recover in Florida is medical expenses, wage loss, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, also future wage loss, and future medical bills, those are typically the types of damages we’re recovering for our clients primarily at the conclusion of their case, once they’ve reached their maximum amount of improvement and we are in a position to enter into settlement negotiations with the given insurance company. The person’s responsible for paying the damages our clients are entitled to recover are those who are at fault for causing our client’s unfortunate accident. With respect to how much money a client is entitled to recover in their personal injury case, certain types of damages, known as economic damages, are clear, they’re clearly set. How much am I out of pocket in medical bills? How much am I out of pocket with respect on wage loss? The less clear type of answers would be the non-economic damages, meaning the damages for pain and suffering. No one person can put one specific dollar amount on those types of damages. It all comes down to what are the facts of your case, what are the injuries that you have had, how much pain have you had to endure, and what we as personal injury lawyers do at the conclusion of our client’s medical treatment, we’re able to predict a reasonable range of settlement value given that type of case that we have in front of us, but no one can point to one specific figure as to what is this case worth from a pain and suffering standpoint. It’s always going to be subject to interpretation, but we go by past similar types of cases to help guide us to reaching a decision on that.

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