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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When an insurance company fails to cooperate and pay for damages caused by an at-fault party, Joe Horrox Law will file a law suit for their clients. A personal injury lawsuit seeks to help a client recover 100 percent of their damages pre-suit, or during the course of litigation. Joe Horrox wants to ensure that his personal injury clients are made whole, and put back in the situation they were financially before their injuries.

In the event the insurance company for the at fault party refuses to offer clients a fair settlement on their case, than we will take the case and file it in court and pursue a judgment against their insured. We want to cover 100% of our client’s damages. It’s either going to be done pre-suit, before a lawsuit is filed, or it’s going to be done during the course of litigation. Our goals in seeking compensation for our injury clients is to insure that our clients are in fact made whole, that is put in the position they occupied before the unfortunate accident took place. We want to avoid a situation where our clients are going to foot the bill for something that wasn’t their fault to have out of pocket medical bills for something that wasn’t their fault or out of pocket wage loss or not be properly compensated for their pain and suffering. We have to take all of these types of damages into account and we need to get that paid to our client in order for us to be satisfied with the job we’ve done for our client. Our client should never give a recorded statement without us present and without us consenting to that. We want to make sure we’re making the appropriate decisions for the client all throughout the case and that initially begins with the insurance companies common request to ask for a statement of our clients. We want to make sure that the statement is done on our terms, on our turf, and to our satisfaction.

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