Eugene C. Posted on 2019

I came to the firm to have my case handled everything went smooth and I was completely satisfied!!

Taylor A. Posted on 2019

Very great people. Makes sure you understand what is being done and what it takes to get through your case. Highly recommend them and their services! I would definitely return if I need law services!

Cassidy N. Posted on 2019

The best people I’ve ever dealt with !! Thank you very much.

John N. Posted on 2019

After being turned down by one the top lawyers in Florida. Joe took my case without batting an eye and won my case. His office staff every single time I came in or called made me feel important.

Vic G. Posted on 2019

I was really happy with the work Joe Horrox Law did on my car accident, by getting me a better settlement that I expected. Very happy with the work my lawyer Anna Handy did for me. She was great, really worked on my behalf.

Megan C. Posted on 2019

Did his job, got me money and care for my injury! Couldn’t have done better!

Jonathan Y. Posted on 2019

Thanks Joe, he got me the highest possible settlement!

David A. Posted on 2019

I had some one rear end me and Joe and his team made feel like everything is going to be good. They answered every question I had. The experience was great.

Ted V. Posted on 2019

Mr. Horrox went above and beyond with my case. Would use him again if I need to. Great job Joe

Tychone H. Posted on 2019

I appreciate this company and how well they handled my case. They always reached out to me and made sure I was up to date with everything they were doing. If I ever need another case handled this will be where I’ll go again, thank you all for everything!

Reggie S. Posted on 2019

I recommend them to the highest, they give the best advice in the world. I recommend them to the celebrities

Chuck A. Posted on 2019

Lived in Daytona over 30 years best attorney I have utilized with the best results

Frankie B. Posted on 2019

Truly the best experience with an Attorney I have ever had. They are so knowledgeable and always return messages and calls promptly. You will not be disappointed in choosing this firm.

Anaissa J. Posted on 2018


Travon S. Posted on 2017

They were professional and made everything easy and understandable.

Robert K. Posted on 2017

Hello reviewers! I must honestly say that joe horrox law firm has got to be one of the greatest, honest, and caring law firms I’ve ever seen, hands down. Joe and tracie are so wonderful. The doctors they send you to are phenomenal and experts. I am very pleased with the outcome of my accident and how I am still able to be myself this day. The staff is so caring, that they even sent a birthday card and Christmas cards to me and my wife. They are definitely top notch and I wouldn’t recommend any other lawyer in Volusia county then Joe! They are experts and more than just a law firm and completed my case in a very wonderful timely manner. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. and we absolutely love you guys. Go Joe and go Tracy!

April K. Posted on 2017

Joe Horrox law firm is by far one of the greatest and most caring law firms in the state of Florida. He’s not one of those lawyers that care about money. The doctor he sent me to, were top notch  and very helpful towards my injury’s. Also Tracy his secretary was on top of my case and one of the sweetest most caring people I’ve probably ever met! I highly recommend everyone who has a case to call Joe Horrox. Thank you Joe and his wonderful law firm!

Jim R. Posted on 2017

Joe handled my case great , I couldn’t have been in better legal hands , Joe seemed to be the one lawyer who took my case personal and saw it through to the end all the doctors that he sent me to were top notch and handled everything.

Allison G. Posted on 2017

Used Attorney Joe Horrox twice and referred my father after an accident. No nonsense approach. Highly educated and experienced and goes the distance for his clients. Nice guy, too.

Thomas L. Posted on 2016

The staff is always knowledgeable and friendly.

Kathleen R. Posted on 2016

Great results would recommend Joe Horrox to anyone who’s been in an accident.

Donnette L. Posted on 2016

Professionalism, Friendly and Fantastic are just a few words to describe my experience with working with this law firm and the staff. Mr. Horrox, and the rest of the staff, were all so helpful and efficient. The case was handled in a timely manner. KUDOS to lawyers that actually change the stereotype of lawyers. I will most definitely recommend to others.

Ty R. Posted on 2016

My experience with Mr. Horrox, left me to think that they are indeed the best around. My case has been going on since 2013. I started off with Morgan & Morgan who did absolutely nothing but waste my time. Mr. Horrox handled my case in a matter of 2 months when they couldn’t do it in 3 years. I would definitely recommend any and everybody to this Law Firm if ever in an accident. They’re very nice people the whole staff and they are the best at what they do as far as I can tell. I am forever thankful to them.

Destiny S. Posted on 2016

Highly recommended attorney did great with my case. Joe and his team kept me updated and covered all bases with me. Everything was handled in a timely manner with fantastic results. They were very easy to communicate with and made sure I fully understood everything going on. Satisfied client! 🙂

B.  Johnson Posted on 2016

I cannot say how appreciative that I am to have been able to use attorney Joe Horrox. I have never been in a situation before that required to have an attorney, so I was very worried about what was going to happen with my medical bills after a serious car accident. From the time that I met with Mr. Horrox until the time my case was closed, I never had to worry about what was happening. Joe and his staff always let me know what was going on and what was happening next. They are fast, knowledgeable, and kind. I would refer them to anybody and everybody.

Mandel C. Posted on 2016

I’m happy with following through with this legal recommendation after getting into a car accident. I appreciate the opportunity of working with Joe and his staff. Everyone demonstrated teamwork as evidence by responding to me and my wife’s needs in a timely manner and bringing closure to our case. Hands Down, I will receive services with Joe Horrox if needed and I will recommend Joe Horrox to anyone located in Volusia County to take care of their legal matters. Thank you, staff,

Kaitlin N. Posted on 2016

Got into my first accident and had no idea what to do about my car, my injuries, or how I would be able to pay for everything. I had a friend who referred me to Joe, and boy am I glad I made that call. With Joe as my attorney, I had no worries about my case. Anytime there was news, I would be notified right away. He fought for my now lifelong injuries and won. If I ever get into another accident, I will be giving Joe a call!

R.Q. K. Posted on 2016

Joe Horrox and his staff were always professional and accessible when working with my husband and I on our cases. We appreciate the warmth, professionalism, honesty, constant communication, and respect shown at all times. We always felt they wanted the best for us and fought until we receive it before closing our cases. Hands down, whenever we have a legal matter, we call Joe Horrox Law Attorney.

James V. Posted on 2016

Joe always kept me in the loop regarding my case from start to finish.  I’d never been in an accident before and he and his staff have been great to me.  Overall a great experience.  I recommend you to anyone I meet who has been in an accident. Thank you, Joe!

Charlene C. Posted on 2015

I have been in 3 car accidents since 2010.I recommend joe horrox every time. he was fast with my case, doctor visits and getting well quickly to return back to my regular life. I have sent 4 people to him and all was 100% satisfied with his staff and the quick results. Thank you again Joe.

Jullian V. Posted on 2015

There’s absolutely nothing bad I could say about this firm. The office staff is absolutely great. Maritza and Ana were magnificent. Most importantly, they were very helpful and supportive, providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. I only had the opportunity to meet with Horrox once, but it was a very pleasant encounter. My settlement was more than I expected. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need of an attorney. They made me feel great with each and every phone call and visit. And Horrox topped it off with the final results. The check! Nice.

Mike C. Posted on 2015

very reliable, keeps you Informed and sends x-mas cards!

T.J. W. Posted on 2015

Joe horror is the best attorney he got me the best care and a quick settlement within 9 months and made sure I had money for my bills while I couldn’t work I would recommend him to everyone I know and don’t he and his team are the best.

Justin P. Posted on 2015

I was involved in a motor vehicle crash I first contacted 411 pain they wanted me to take an attorney that was in Sanford I live 40 miles away from them and then The attorney didn’t even want to meet me he kept sending his proxy so I was at my Clinic to do therapy when I came across one of Joe’s old clients and he very quickly suggested that I go with Joe so I met with him at his Office he is very helpful experienced and courteous if I ever needed a lawyer again I would definitely call Joe he will fight for your right and what you deserve I would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Sheena D. Posted on 2015

Joe is truly a wonderful lawyer who knows the business and gets the job done. I was referred to him after I was in a car accident. Joe and his associates literally made sure I was treated fairly and got the most I could get. He went out of his way to make sure I had a car, proper medical treatment, and income while I was on medical leave. If I’m ever in another accident Joe will always be my go-to lawyer!

Cory W. Posted on 2014

Joe isn’t just a lawyer, he’s also a friend, if Joe represents you, he brings justice and support that’s deserved. If anything, ever happens again and I can use Joe in anyway there’s no question he will be my first choice.

Brian P. Posted on 2014

joe horrox and his associates were very helpful and worked very hard to get the most out of my case. he personally represented me whenever I had to make a statement or answer questions for the insurance company including recorded interviews right in his office. I was very impressed how he and his staff kept me fully informed about my case and were very helpful explaining everything in detail. I feel I was well represented and would recommend him and would retain him again if I needed an attorney in the future. also, his staff was always helpful in answering any questions as they arose. I wish to thank joe and his staff for the professional manner in which I was treated, and my case was handled.

Jay J. Posted on 2014

hey this is jay I was injured bout 2 years ago it was a hit and run an I was on a bicycle I was referred to joe horrox he and his staff were awesome. the advice that joe gave me an all the things he and his personal assistant anna, provided me with such as transportation to and from doctor’s appointment in town an out of town, I personally feel the they went well above what any other law office would have done, and my reward/settlement was/is absolutely awesome…so if you’re looking for an attorney that really cares call joe horrox he’s one cool dude.. surfs up people.

Diamond P. Posted on 2014


Diana B. Posted on 2014

In 2010 I was involved in a car accident and was rear ended. My car was total and did not know what to do. Call my nephew and told him that I might need a lawyer. He introduces me to Mr. Joe Horrox and his staff. Had a conference with Mr. Horrox of what lead to the accident. I had no worries, Mr. Horrox handled everything and kept me in touch of everything with my case. I was able to pay off my car and purchase another one. I was place with some of the best Doctors and physical therapist. Mr. Joe Horrox is considered a fair, honest, trustworthy professional lawyer. He takes pride in his work and clients.

Terrance D. Posted on 2014

I had a surprising experience with Joe Horrox Law. They handled my case with speed and precision. I hope I don’t have another accident but, If I do, I’m calling Joe!

Nikia F. Posted on 2014

Mr. Horrox and his team handled my case very well. I was pleased with the professionalism of Mr. Horrox and the outcome of my case. I felt that Mr. Horrox really cared about my health and getting the injuries that I sustained in a motor vehicle accident resolved. He never made me feel like it was all about money. I would definitely choose Mr. Horrox again as my attorney.

Keivan K. Posted on 2014

Joe is simply amazing. He got me a great settlement when I got rear ended by a huge truck, and not to mention other benefits I didn’t even think possible. He kept me up to date on my case the second any progress was made and kept me completely informed the whole time. He’s extremely patient and will work with you if you’re low on time and desperate. He’s the guy you talk to if you need help! Thanks’ everyone for your help!

Greg M. Posted on 2014


Michael R. Posted on 2014

Mr. Horrox handled my case with precision. He kept me in the loop at every phase of the case. At no time did I have doubt or concern as to the handling of my case. Mr. Horrox is an excellent attorney and he comes with my highest recommendation.

Andrew L. Posted on 2014

In the summer of 2012, I was involved in a rear end collision resulting in 2 bulged disks in my back and six months of therapy. I was in a tight situation with school and work and didn’t know how to handle everything with the insurance companies. I’ve never needed a lawyer before, and never thought I would end up needing one. After being referred to Joe Horrox Law by my trusted chiropractor, Joe and his team were able to help me with every step along the way. I am more than happy with the result.

Mercedes T. Posted on 2014

I was in a car accident in Nov 2012 with my 4-year-old daughter. Joe Horrox worked hard and diligently to get me the proper medical care (chiropractor, x-rays, etc.) as well as the maximum compensation for my total loss vehicle. I was very pleased with Mr. Horrox and his staffs help and would recommend him to EVERYONE

Jerry B. Posted on 2014

I was involved in an automobile accident last year and I found out it’s very difficult to deal with the insurance company when one has limited knowledge of how they really operate. After a few short conversations with them I felt the need to seek legal advice and decided to hire Joe Horrox to represent me. I feel I made a very wise decision. He was very competent and was available to advise me on the necessary steps I needed to take on the many issues that are involved in the accident process.
There were many times I did not have to speak to Joe because his office staff had the necessary knowledge to advise me and answer my questions. Overall, the office runs like a well-oiled machine. I would highly recommend Joe Horrox Law the next time you’re involved in an automobile accident. You will not be disappointed in your decision and will be pleased with the final outcome.

Dianne W. Posted on 2014

I was involved in my first accident when someone slammed into the back of my car while I was stopped at a red light. I was referred to Joe Horrox Law office and that was a blessing as I had no clue how to go about anything. They kept me informed and answered all my questions, they made the whole process easy for me. They referred me to the proper doctors I needed to see, and I have a nice orthopedic mattress now to ease my back pain a bit. All of the staff members were very helpful as well, if they didn’t have an answer they would find out and get back to me in a reasonable amount of time. If I ever need an accident attorney again, it will be with them.

Jacob P. Posted on 2014

I was referred to Joe Horrox Law by a friend and I am very glad for the experience. Joe was very calm and informative and always available through the entire process. His team was always courteous to our family, which I greatly appreciated. Anna was off the charts in terms of communication and kindness. If we ever need help with litigation in the future, I would definitely choose Mr. Horrox again. I highly recommend Joe Horrox Law, they treat you like fellow humans there, not just numbers and they got us more compensation than I had hoped for. Great Experience! Thank you 🙂

Alex K. Posted on 03-06-13

I was T-boned by a drunk driver. I contacted a big law firm from the TV advertisement to represent me in the accident. Their investigator came out to see me within a couple of hours while I was still at the hospital. Once I signed the paperwork with that firm, I have not heard back from them for over a month. Every time I called their office, I had to leave a message and no one would call me back for months. Finally, I talked to one of my friends who recommended that I see Joe Horrox. He had several cases with him and he was very happy with his representation. From the first meeting with Joe Horrox I had confidence that I would be taken care of. I switched law firms and I did not regret it for a second. Since Mr. Horrox took my case, I never had to wonder what’s next. Every time I called the office, I spoke to a PERSON, not an answering machine. My concerns were taken care of on the spot. Mr. Horrox referred me to great doctors who helped me tremendously. I have nothing bad to say about this attorney, his staff or the doctors he works with. I was truly blessed that my friend sent me there!

Damon D. Posted on 02/28/13

I was involved in a car accident in which I ran over a semi-truck truck left in the middle of the highway at 75 mph. My insurance company rejected my uninsured motorist claim. After a search for legal representation, I came across Joe Horrox Law. Joe Horrox took my case and I have had no regrets since. Mr. Horrox and his staff were maintaining me up to date throughout the entire process. I did not have to wonder for a second what was next. I went from a claim denial to a settlement out of court for a fair amount. I will recommend Joe Horrox Law with confidence to anyone in need of compassion, knowledge and professionalism when it comes to legal representation!

Marie L. Posted on 10/17/12

From the beginning to the end my case, Joe Horrox and his staff was there for me. This was my first accident and it all was new to me. However, Joe made the process smooth and simple for me. I did not have to wonder what’s next. Joe’s team definitely showed good commitment and focus on my case, as well as they are very detail oriented and always prepared! They made me feel special and exceeded my expectation of having a lawyer.

Timothy E. Posted on 10/04/12

Thank you once again for handling my claim with State Farm. I was very lucky in finding you to represent me. You possess all the assets necessary to be a good lawyer, and I am very proud that you are my lawyer!

Dwayne J. Posted on 09/27/12

I had confidence in Joe Horrox from the very first meeting with him. It was obvious he cared about my injuries and was going to get me fairly compensated. When the insurance company made a low offer, he did not hesitate and immediately filed suit. The insurance company called the next day after the at fault driver got served and paid the policy limits!

Michelle S. Posted on 09/24/12

I was rear-ended at a high speed on I-95 in Volusia County, Florida. The other vehicle’s insurance company called me within 5 days after the accident offering $2,000.00 for a full release. At that time, my emergency room bill alone exceeded that amount. So, I hired Joe Horrox. Everybody in his office is very knowledgeable and nice. I was well guided through every step of the claim. My case settled for substantially greater amount than the $2,000.00 the insurance company offered me initially. I definitely recommend Mr. Horrox to everyone who has been injured in an accident. He is a great lawyer!

Erwin F. Posted on 09/03/12

I tried to negotiate with the insurance company myself but they just were not taking me serious and tried to “low ball” me in their offer to settle my case. I had to hire Joe Horrox to represent me. He was able to get me almost twice more than I originally asked for from the insurance company within two months. I will certainly recommend Mr. Horrox to anybody in need of an accident attorney.

Robert P. Posted on 08/15/12

I am so happy that I chose Mr. Horrox to represent me. His expertise and experience was right on point everything he said to do, and tactics worked our just the way I wanted it to. I will always use you and refer you.

Ben W. Posted on 06/29/12

Joe and Anna were terrific during the duration of my case. Thank you for your hard work. I truly appreciate it.

Artur Posted on 05/27/12

Joe is a great attorney, who has your interest first. You will never have to wonder what’s next, they will answer all your questions and guide you through the process. Even if you have a legal question not related to your current case they will help you out. I have dealt with several attorney in the past three years and never felt more comfortable. You will never feel that you are bothering somebody if you call with a question and they will spend as much time with you as needed. Anna is a wonderful assistant who will always follow up with you and you will always get a personalized approach that you won’t find anywhere else. They have already handled 3 cases for me and I am extremely satisfied with the outcomes and highly recommend Joe to anybody who is looking for a reliable attorney who cares.

Layla B. Posted on 05/03/12

I would recommend Attorney Joe Horrox to anyone that has been involved and injured in an accident, I was injured in an automobile accident and they took care of me from day one. They made the whole experience much less stressful than it could have been, I am 100% satisfied with the service and personal treatment I received from their office.

Amber W. Posted on 04/20/12

Mr. Horrox, I can’t thank you enough for all the work you have done on my family’s behalf. Thanks to you we are finally able to get back on our feet and back to where we were before our accident. We will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone we know.

Kelly H. Posted on 04/17/12

Exceptional Attorney, down to earth. Took care of my case in a timely manner, quick to be exact. He was up front with what to expect from the case, and I was informed of any process that was going on.. Anna Kuryanovich was great to work with, could always answer any question I had or if she didn’t know, she would get back to me ASAP. Thanks again Mr. Horrox’s office. I would highly recommend Mr. Horrox’s office.

Rosa F. Posted on 04/15/12

This letter is a testimonial to the professional and swift manner in which my case was handled by the Joe Horrox Law Firm. My case was dealing with an accident that occurred back in February 2011. I was given a referral to the Horrox Law Firm, and from the very minute I was put at a level of ease and comfort that my legal matter would be taken care of. All of my medical needs were addressed in a compassionate and very professional way. I was periodically kept up to date about my case status and before long my case was settled, and I was extremely satisfied with the monetary compensation I was awarded. I have since referred a friend to the Horrox Law Firm and will not hesitate to continue to direct anyone in need of competent legal representation to them.

Joan C. Posted on 03/06/2012

When I was hit by a car while riding my bike, I had no idea how to find an attorney. I was referred to Joe Horrox Law by a friend Mr. Horrox had represented in the past. Making the call to him was the best thing I could have done. He listened to me and what I had to say. He and his office staff was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable and got me the most money. I would highly recommend Joe Horrox Law to anyone with a personal injury case. They are a great bunch of people.

James O. Posted on 03/01/2012

This is for anyone who is seeking legal counsel. I was recently involved in a car accident where I was rear ended by a hit and run driver. I started out with some other attorney that, let’s just say, dropped the ball then I was introduced to Joe Horrox who took over and made the entire process as smooth and easy as it could be. He and his team are very professional and know how to get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel. Thank you Mr. Horrox, keep up the great work.

Hanna H. Posted on 02/13/12

Great attorney! Wonderful person! You will be in good hands if Joe Horrox handles your case. It is very difficult to find an attorney that really cares and listens to what you have to say. Well, Joe Horrox does! His practice is built up mostly on a word-of-mouth basis. If you have Joe Horrox handle your personal injury case, I can guarantee you will not regret! Also, his office policy is that his attorney fees are never more than his client’s net monetary recovery.

Chrystie M. Posted on 01/24/12

I was represented by Joseph Horrox in a personal injury case involving a semi-truck in 2006. Needless to say, I was very traumatized. He and the team did a wonderful job reducing the stress I was going through. Joseph was a wonderful mediator between a difficult insurance company and myself. I received a settlement that I was very pleased with. I felt I was well represented by Joseph and would recommend him to anyone in the need of legal services throughout Florida.

Sandra K. Posted on 01/16/12

I endorse this lawyer’s work. He is a highly skilled trial attorney who advocates aggressively and effectively for his clients. Joseph Horrox has over twenty years of legal experience and he enjoys a very favorable reputation in the legal community among fellow lawyers and judges alike. ”

Chad H. Posted on 12/21/11

I have known Joe for already 4 years. I highly recommend him for any legal matters you might have. He has very broad knowledge of law however, he primarily specializes in personal injury cases (auto accidents, slip & falls, motorcycle accident, etc.)

Richard K. Posted on 12/20/2011

I highly recommend this law firm for any of your troubles, problems, anything. These people really care about getting you what you deserve and not just a dollar amount.

Michael C. Posted on 10/13/2011

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Joe Horrox Law Firm. My case was handled in a very professional and timely manner. I was given excellent medical attention and my case was settled with a monetary compensation that I was very happy with. I would not hesitate to recommend my family and friends to the Horrox law Firm. God Bless them.

Michael C. Posted on 10/12/2011

I slipped and fell in a grocery store. Joe Horrox represented me for my injuries. I ended up having a surgery on my left wrist. Joe Horrox settled my case for 6 digits. The money really helped me recover from my injuries while I could not go back to work for 8 months after the accident. Joe is a great guy! Call him for any question you might have about your accident.

Chancy T. Posted on 09/14/2011

I had a hard time finding an attorney to take my case. My co-worker referred me to Joe Horrox. He successfully settled my case in 4 months! He also negotiated all my hospital bills and even sent letters to credit agencies to remove the negative activity for the bills that were already in collections. Great job, Joe! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I come across who needs a lawyer.

Sasha N. Posted on 09/12/2011

I had confidence in Joe Horrox Law from my first meeting with the attorney, Joe Horrox. He is very personable and caring person. His staff is very nice, too. There is always someone to talk to when you have a question. You don’t have to call over and over again just to get a person on the phone. I was very satisfied with the settlement as well. I did not expect to get as much as I did from my case. Don’t hesitate to sign up with Joe Horrox Law if you are looking for an attorney you can trust and have a good outcome of your case.

Vincent K. Posted on 08/23/11

I tried to handle my car accident case myself. The insurance company offered $1,600.00 to settle my case. I had multiple herniations in my low back and a bulge in my neck. My mother-in-law suggested I go talk to Joe Horrox. I ended up retaining his firm since I did not realize how much was involved. In two months, Joe Horrox settled my case for the policy limits. He is a great attorney! You will have no regrets if you have Joe Horrox handle your case!

Tamara M. Posted on 07/29/11

If you or someone you love is injured, call my attorney, Joe Horrox. He is great at what he is doing. He can help you.

Sarah V. Posted on 05/05/11

I refer all my friends and family to Joe Horrox Law. I trust Joe Horrox 100% and I know that whoever I refer will be well taken care of. Joe Horrox can maximize the value of any case! He is a great negotiator as well as he is very experienced and knowledgeable. Joe Horrox has been practicing personal injury law for 25 years. Joe Horrox is also my very good friend. I can call him for a legal advice or a referral any time.

Mariah S. Posted on 04/17/11

After several lawyers turned down my personal injury case, a friend of mine told me to go see Joe Horrox. I met with Joe. He not only took my case, but was able to get me money for my pain and suffering.

Rosa F. Posted on 04/14/11

Thank you, Attorney Horrox and staff for a stress-free professional and timely litigation process. Your actions in regards to my legal representation was “stellar”. I would not hesitate in referring my family, friends, and associates to your firm. God Bless.

Catherine A. Posted on 04/08/11

When I got involved in another accident, I knew I would not go back to my first lawyer, who I felt did not do a good job at all for me. I retained Joe Horrox Law Firm instead. Joe and his staff were great – they made everything super easy for me. All I had to do was concentrate on my medical recovery. Joe settled my case in to time compared to the first lawyer and go my what I felt was top dollar.

Aaron Posted on 03/22/20 11

You are in good hands if you are represented by Joe. He is highly professional, experienced, and ethical, qualities that are rear in today’s legal community. Do not hesitate to contact him for a free consultation.

Marcia G. Posted on 03/11/11

After several lawyers turned down my personal injury case,  I met with Joe. He not only took my case, but was able to get me my medical bills and wage bills paid, and a sum of money for my pain and suffering.

Laura M. Posted on 01/29/11

Very personable and experienced lawyer! My husband had a case that Joe Horrox settled successfully about 2 years ago after another attorney was ready to settle for almost nothing! Now, I have a case pending with Joe. I think he is definitely good at what he’s doing. I trust Joe 100%!

Samuel G. Posted on 01/28/11

Joe Horrox represented me in a car accident case a year ago. He is extremely knowledgeable and ethical. He seemed like he truly cared for my injuries and did everything possible to get me compensated for what I had to go through because of them. He had always returned my calls the same day and did not make me wait a couple of days like the attorney I had before that accident. I had recommended him to my son in law and he is very happy with Mr. Horrox as well.

Marissa C. Posted on 01/13/11

Joe is a very reputable and ethical lawyer, willing to help with any law questions you may have. His staff is friendly and helpful. Together, the Joe Horrox Law Firm was able to reduce my medical bills as well as the stress I could have had arising from this accident. Even after Joe’s fee, I still had a large settlement amount in my pocket for my pain and suffering. I will always recommend Joe to anyone with a personal injury case!

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