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Common Personal Injuries

At Joe Horrox Law, our team has seen the full spectrum of common personal injuries, from soft-tissue injuries to disc injuries in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. When he first meets with clients, Mr. Horrox discusses their symptoms of pain to help document their cases and encourage them to obtain the proper medical care. Pursuing a consistent course of medical treatment is important, as is the documentation of this care so they can achieve maximum medical improvement and full compensation for their injuries.


During the course of my professional experience, there are certain types of injures that are common in Florida accident cases. When I initially meet with a client, I’ll ask the client what are their symptoms of pain. Invariably what we see is either a soft tissue injury, and most of us have heard that terminology. Now a more serious type of injury that we find quite often is an injury to one or more of the disks in the cervical spine, meaning the neck, or the lumbar spine, meaning the lower back. Now, when I meet with a new client, we look to see what their symptoms are, what are they complaining of. Now if a client basically in initial conference with me says, “Well, Joe, I have lower back pain” or “I have neck pain,” I immediately follow up with the question, “Well do you have any pain, numbness, or tingling down your legs to your feet or down your arm to your fingers?” Because if the answer to that is yes, then what that suggests is that the person is suffering from radiculopathy, meaning a radiating symptom of pain from one area of their body to another. And that is usually indicative of the more serious injury, the disks injuries. When I meet with a client I initially I explain to that client the importance of them pursuing a consistent course of medical care with their healthcare provider that either they have chosen or a law firm has chosen at their request. It’s important that they document their medical recovery and that they put their treating doctor in the best position possible to determine what the extent of their injuries are and what the future medical outlook is for them. And ultimately they get to maximum medical improvement. They get the best medical recovery as soon as possible.

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