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The Importance of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

To receive full compensation for your injury claim, you will need to document your medical treatment and submit a claim to the insurance company. The experienced lawyers at Joe Horrox Law can help you with pursuing a personal injury claim so you can receive what is due to you. Requesting the assistance of a lawyer like Joe Horrox helps you ensure that your insurance adjuster can evaluate your claim fairly.

In my opinion, the claims process in this state will start once we’ve signed up our new client. From that point forward what we do initially is we notify the insurance company for the at fault party of our legal representation of that particular client, that in turn will cause the insurance company to open up a file with respect to our client’s claim, ultimately that claim is assigned to a particular insurance adjuster, who our office communicates with during the course of client’s manner of recovery. One of the most important things for your personal injury lawyer to do is to put the insurance adjuster in the best position possible, to fully evaluate the claim, and ultimately pay what the claim is worth, and the only way that’s going to happen is if your lawyer provides that adjuster with sufficient medical documentation to prove your claim. The insurance adjuster, they have a manager supervisor looking over their shoulder, so they have to justify every dollar they spend on your claim. Our office approach is not to rush our clients’ cases to settlement, we want to make sure that our clients complete their medical treatment, so that we can obtain for them, 100 percent case value, so we’re not going to entertain settlement negotiations with the given insurance adjuster until our client completes their treatment, and we know, number one, the extent of their injuries, and number two, what is the future medical outlook for that patient, our client, otherwise, you’re never going to be able to get full value on your case.

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