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Receiving Compensation with the Help of an Auto Accident Lawyer

Clients should immediately seek the help of an auto accident lawyer following an injury. A personal injury attorney can help clients receive the full amount of their medical bills, lost wages, future lost wages, past and future pain and suffering and future medical bills. The professionals at Joe Horrox Law are skilled in auto accident law and can give you a full understanding of your injury claim.

The first thing that one should do if they’re injured in an auto accident, or have a loved one injured in an auto accident, is to consult a personal injury lawyer right away to be advised of that the legal rights are. You need somebody basically to deal with the insurance adjusters, they should not be communicating with the insurance adjuster themselves. Individuals who have been injured in an automobile accident, for example, we can help them right away because of the no fault insurance laws in this state, which basically allow the injured person to recover 80% of their medical bills and 60% of their lost wages up to a total payout in coverage of $10,000 minus any deductible that the insured chose on the policy. So, that allows the injured person to get the medical treatment they need and deserve, and also to get a good bulk of their wage loss paid right away, up front. Now, the remaining percentages, the 20% of the medical bills and the 40% of your wage loss that is not payable by your own auto insurance company in an automobile accident in the state, we get that recovered at the end of the client’s case in the at fault party’s settlement. Under Florida law, in order to hold somebody accountable for a given accident, you have to show that that particular party shares some degree of negligence or responsibility in causing that accident. If you cannot prove the other side is at fault, you will not be entitled to make a recovery. Conversely, if you’re able to prove the party’s at fault, then you’re able to recover your damages to the extent of that party’s fault. For example, if that party is 50% liable, if that’s what they are found, under Florida law, you’re able to recover 50% of your damages. I have literally met with several thousand accident victims, some of whom come to me and they say, “Joe, I was injured in an accident but I did have previous neck or back pain but it’s made worse from this particular accident. Am I able to make a recovery or not?” And what I tell those specific clients is if the accident you’re here on today consulting with me has made you worse, has made your neck pain or your back pain worse, if it’s a permanent worsening or aggravation of pre-existing medical condition, then under Florida law, the at fault party is responsible for paying you damages for that.

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