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Medical Bills and Lost Wages Compensation

If you are a victim of a personal injury, you likely are concerned about recovering compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Joe Horrox Law can help you determine what should be paid by your own auto insurance, and what should be paid from the at-fault party’s insurance. Mr. Horrox helps clients obtain the medical help they need, and also works on recovering the medical and lost wages compensation they deserve.

Some of the initial concerns that a new client of mine will express to me are, “Joe, how do I get my medical bills and wage loss paid?” If they’re a victim of an automobile accident in the state of Florida, the first $10,000 in medical bills and wage loss must be processed through my client’s own insurance company. That’s subject to Florida’s no fault law, personal injury protection coverage, we call it in the state. That entitles my client to get 80% of their medical bills paid and 60% of their wage loss without having to wait on a decision from the at fault party’s carrier on those matters. So, Florida’s no fault law essentially allows the client the medical treatment they need and deserve, get that started without having to wait on a decision from the at fault part’s company. The remaining percentage is not payable through my client’s no fault insurance, that is the 20% of the medical bills and the 40% of the wage loss. We obtain that recovery on behalf of our clients at the end of their case when we settle their overall injury claim with the at fault third party and their insurance company.

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