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Personal Injury Victim Testimonial

A personal injury victim discusses his interaction with Joe Horrox Law. The client had a great experience, and he says Joe Horrox’s team helped him at every step of the way following his accident. He is nearing 100 percent recovery from his injuries and is pleased he chose Joe Horrox to represent him.

Client Testimonial: My wife got into a previous accident before me and she came to Joe and Joe did everything for to take care of her. So, she suggested I go to him and it was a great thing. All juror staff was amazing, they did everything they could for me. I would call they would know exactly what was going on before they hand a pull file for everything. My experience here was perfect. Everything they did was top notch. As far as my injuries I feel like I am almost a hundred percent now. They took care of me. They set me up with the right people, I had the surgery; everything is great now.

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