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Vehicular Accident Victim Testimonial

A vehicular accident victim describes his experience with Joe Horrox Law. The client was able to recover more than $250,000 for his injuries. He says the team at Joe Horrox Law made him feel like family, and he was happy that they kept in touch constantly during his medical care and throughout his case.

I had a bad accident. I was rear-ended at a standstill. The guy was going like 75 miles per hour. I had another attorney out of Orlando and they would never call me or tell me anything about my case, what’s going on, and I was in a lot of pain. I needed surgery. I went in to Piedmont Insurance one day and a young lady that works at Allstate, she recommended that I check them out. So, I came over and I met with Joe and that was it. Since 2009, I was a client and everything I have, I come to Joe for it, because he did a great job for me. Joe turned around and got me a settlement for over $250,000. So, that’s comparing to another lawyer saying, “We can’t do too much for you.” And Joe coming around and making it happen. They care about their clients. Right away, the next day, I got a phone call. I can stop in anytime. Usually, I make an appointment. But they’re just like family. They make me feel like I was family. They really care and that matters when you’re hurt and you’re injured, bills backing up, and you can call your lawyer and he can tell you what’s going on, not saying, “Oh, we’ll get back with you.” It was always an answer. Sometimes, they would call me two or three times a week to make sure I was going to my appointments to have my surgery, my most important appointments. A lot of attorney didn’t do that, so I felt like, “Hey, this is the place. I finally found a law firm that cares about me, personally, and my injuries instead of just caring about the money.”

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