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Car Accident Victim Testimonial

A client of Joe Horrox Law describes her car accident and her experience at Joe Horrox Law. This car accident victim was extremely pleased with the personal attention and honesty Mr. Horrox provided her case. She was kept informed throughout her case and is pleased to recommend him as a fair lawyer to her friends and loved ones.


One morning, I was coming from Delan, Florida, on 92. I got up to the light waiting for it to change. The light was still red, and the next thing I know, I heard a great big crash, never knew it was me. I called my nephew, Frederick Perry, I said, “I was just in an accident. I need you. I need you. What else am I going to do? I don’t have a car, I don’t have nothing.” He says, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll call Mr. Joe Horrox.” He said, “You don’t even have to do anything. As soon as we go down there they look at your car and after they release you, then we’ll go by and see Mr. Horrox.” I said okay. I came in and saw Mr. Joe Horrox, a very polite man, very professional, and honest. He told me what I needed. His staff, Honor, they were very great. I gave them all of the information I needed to give them and they took it from there and kept me in touch. I do really appreciate the honesty of Mr. Horrox, and fairness, and his professionalism, and most importantly his mannerism. He kept me in touch with every little thing that was going on. Even now, today, I will receive a holiday card thanking me for my service and I have really introduced his name out there with other people that have had accidents. They don’t know what to do or who to go to and I’ll say, “Well, I know a fair man and I think he can help you out.” And they have been pleased as well.

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