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How Social Networking Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim?

Recently, social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. have become a powerful tool for insurance companies to use to discredit personal injury claims. In fact, it is now more effective to conduct a social media search to gather the most intimate details of a claimant’s personal life than through video surveillance. Insurance adjusters can often obtain a lot of information from pictures, videos, posts and comments that is inconsistent with the injuries a claimant alleges to have sustained and the effect of these injuries on his/her everyday life.

Additionally, the retrieved social media information can be used to assess the character of a person making a claim and how a jury may look at him/her if a case goes to trial.

Contrary to what the social media sites may have you believe, even the private pages and messages can be accessed by investigators. Furthermore, your entire social media page can be subpoenaed.

Therefore, you must be cautious about posting any information about yourself and your activities as well as corresponding with your friends via social media sites to avoid casting unnecessary doubt on the validity of your personal injury claim.

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