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Why Do I Need An Attorney For My Motorcycle Accident Case?

If you have been injured in a Daytona Beach motorcycle accident, having an experienced attorney on your side is a must have for a variety of reasons. First, you need a representative familiar with the law regarding motorcycle accidents, especially since the insurance company for the at fault party will have one of its adjusters with considerable experience looking for ways to either deny your claim outright, or pay you substantially less than what your motorcycle accident case is worth. Second, by having a skillful Daytona motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you will be able to concentrate on one of the most important matters arising from your motorcycle accident, that is, pursuing your complete medical recovery.

In effect, you let your very capable Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorney and their staff handle everything else for you, including dealing with the at fault party’s insurance adjusters, processing your wage loss and medical bills, help resolving your property damage, making sure you receive a fair value for your bike, or the total cost of restoring it back to its pre-accident condition.

Third, your Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorney will make sure you are treating with the right kind of doctor which will ensure that you obtain your very best medical recovery in as efficient a time as is possible depending upon the nature and extent of your injuries.

Having Joe Horrox as your Daytona Beach motorcycle accident attorney will help you accomplish all of the above and much more. For a free consultation, call Joe Horrox Law at 386-200-4283, and put Joe’s vast experience in handling Daytona Beach motorcycle accident claims to work for you as soon as possible!

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At Joe Horrox Law, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to our clients. We understand that dealing with the consequences of a personal injury can take a serious emotional and psychological toll. To help you cope with your losses and overcome these immense challenges, our law firm provides:

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Our firm knows how insurance companies operate and is prepared to leverage this insight to advocate for the recovery that you deserve.

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Even a single accident can require filing for multiple separate claims for property damage, bills, and loss of wages. We will handle all of your property damage claims, medical bills, and wage loss claims together.

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