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Colossus: A Computer Program That Decides How Much Your Case Is Worth

Colossus is an innovative computer program that insurance companies use worldwide to assist in determining a bodily injury settlement. An insurance adjuster uses Colossus by entering a claim’s data which includes: the severity of the personal injury, the age of the injured individual, the location of where the accident happened, and the nature of the personal injury. Colossus considers these factors and generates a finalized settlement amount.

In a picture-perfect case, Colossus would be able to determine a fair settlement amount that would satisfy all parties involved. However, the program was designed to base its results on statistical averages pre-wired into its system, without factoring in human emotion. While computing figures, Colossus will not consider the impact of the injury to a person, the pain and suffering the individual has undergone, and the overall severity of the personal injury.

In conclusion, it is imperative to seek out an attorney if you have recently been in a personal injury accident. Unlike Colossus, an attorney considers all aspects of an individual’s case; including stress, pain, and inconvenience caused by the accident. A personal injury attorney may be the difference between you being treated unfairly and you receiving the settlement amount you deserve.

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