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Misleading Headlines About Large Injury Awards

A lot of personal injury attorney use high jury verdicts as an advertising tool to attract new clients. Some of these attorney will not even accept a case unless a case has a potential of achieving a high jury verdict. But do the defendants actually pay what juries award?

The truth is that defendants rarely pay what juries award. Actually, the vast majority of jury verdicts are not paid at their full value. Most plaintiffs’ post-jury payout is substantially less than the verdict. In fact, the larger the verdict, the higher the percentage of a cut a plaintiff will have to take.

There are a lot of factors that affect the amount of the cuts plaintiffs have to take: insurance policy limits, caps on damages in certain cases and caps on punitive damages, attorney fees in litigation are 40% rather than 33% pre-suit, many court costs that are not reimbursable to the plaintiff, many defendants are judgment-proof or bankrupt.

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