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Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Why Protective Gear Is Crucial


The legal team here at Joe Horrox Law are proud to represent the accident victims in and around the greater Daytona Beach area. This is particularly important in lawsuits for auto accidents that lead to serious injuries. Many of the most serious injuries are experienced by motorcyclists given how much more exposed they are than motorists in other vehicles. With this in mind, we want to consider some common injuries that motorcyclists may experience.

Road Rash

Road rash is one of the better known kinds of injuries experienced following a motorcycle accident. This refers to various cuts and scrapes that people experience as a result of skidding along the road, which can be quite severe and extensive in some cases. This is especially true if a motorcyclists has skin exposed.

The best way to avoid road rash is to wear a good riding jacket as well as boots, gloves, and jeans. By covering up with the proper gear, you can protect yourself from some nasty harm.

Biker’s Arm

Biker’s arm is a condition that is not as well known to people who do not ride motorcycles. This condition refers to damage to the nerves in the arms caused by the impact of hitting the ground or rolling after a collision. When the arm makes impact with the ground, the force can be tremendous, and the damage to the soft tissues considerable.

Biker’s arm may not be entirely avoidable following an accident, but wearing gloves and a good riding jacket can minimize the harm done.

Head and Brain Injuries

Given the nature of motorcycles, it should come as no surprise that head trauma and brain injuries may occur in an accident. Motorcyclists are so exposed to harm, that severe accidents can actually lead to open head injuries if motorcyclists are not careful.

The best thing that motorcyclists can do to prevent these kinds of injuries is wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet while riding can literally mean the difference between a bad accident and lasting brain damage; it can also mean the difference between life and death.

Injuries to the Legs

Injuries to the legs are common in a number of motorcycle accidents. It can involve anything from sprains and scrapes to major fractures of the bones. These kinds if injuries are especially bad in side collisions or in accidents in which a leg is pinched, smashed, or pinned.

Wearing good riding boots and good jeans or chaps can go a long way to minimizing many of the injuries that may affect the legs. Be sure to cover up and to sport footwear with good ankle support.

Back and Neck Injuries

Given the level of exposure that motorcyclists experience, spinal cord injuries are a major danger. This is especially worth noting for spinal injuries that occur higher up the spine toward the neck. These kinds of spinal injuries can lead to paralysis, limiting the use of a person’s extremities.

While there is no guarantee of avoiding serious spinal injuries when involved in a severe motorcycle accident, wearing good safety gear and driving cautiously can go a long way to keeping you protected from harm.

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