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Daytona Beach – Motorcycle Accidents

Bike Week is always an exciting event in Daytona Beach, FL, but the increased traffic also means more roadway accidents. Every year in March, there are a number of Bike Week accidents, and many have been seriously injured or killed.

The Joe Horrox Law firm provides legal counsel and representation to motorcycle accident victims and their families, assisting both residents and those visiting from outside the area. To schedule a free consultation, please call 386-200-4283 or contact our office online.

Daytona Beach - Motorcycle Accidents

Bike Week is a cause for celebration for many riders, but unfortunately, it results in many injuries.

Daytona Beach Bike Week Accidents

For 10 days each year, more than 500,000 motorcycle riders take part in Daytona Beach Bike Week festivities. Celebrating its 75th anniversary recently, Bike Week has become the most popular biker rally in the country. Daytona Beach Biketoberfest has also grown in popularity since the early 1990’s, and now attracts about 100,000 visitors each autumn.

These events are exciting, and bring welcome tourism dollars to the area, but there is a downside to the fun. Florida consistently leads the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities, and bike rallies contribute to the grim statistics. Since 2000, over 100 motorcycle fatalities and countless serious injuries have occurred during Bike Week.

These accidents can be horrific. In 2016, Bike Week crashes included a fiery collision caused by a car, which struck a motorcycle and dragged the bike and rider along Nova Road for 75 feet.

Liability and Damages

Although many, including insurance adjusters, assume motorcycle riders are to blame for many collisions, this is often not the case. Many riders are sideswiped on the highway or struck by a car or truck while making a legal intersection turn.

The losses in these personal injury cases usually include significant medical expenses and long-term, sometimes permanent loss of wages.

The fact that motorcycles are more difficult to see is not a valid excuse for careless driving. Motorists in Florida are certainly aware of the presence of bikes on the road, and responsible for keeping watch for them. Distracted or impaired driving is often involved in these and all types of automobile accidents.

When a motorcycle is hit by a car or truck, the bike is often totaled, and injuries tend to be catastrophic or fatal for the rider or riders. The losses in these personal injury cases usually include significant medical expenses and long-term, sometimes permanent loss of wages. The at-fault party in an accident is liable for covering these damages.

Legal Help after a Bike Week Accident

Joe Horrox has been representing accident victims in the Daytona Beach area for more than 30 years. Our firm has helped recover significant amounts of compensation for many clients affected by negligent driving.

If you are from another state and were injured during Bike Week, it is best to seek the help of a local attorney. We can handle your insurance claim, including an uninsured motorist claim, and if warranted, file a lawsuit to ensure that you collect just compensation.

Joe Horrox Law provides representation on a contingency basis, so no up-front retainer fees are required. We only collect a fee if we help you collect the compensation you deserve.

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