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Unintelligent Design: Product Liability Lawsuits Over Design Flaws


The team at Joe Horrox has helped people in the greater Daytona Beach area in their time of legal need. We believe in justice and fairness, and we always fight hard for our clients. We believe in the system, and that means providing robust representation in personal injury lawsuits and other kinds of legal proceedings.

Product liability lawsuits can prove especially challenging. We’d like to look a these kinds of cases broadly, then focus on the issue of product design and the dangers related to this topic.

Understanding Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits are filed by consumers against companies that design, market, manufacture, and/or distribute products that harm people who use said products as directed. When a product is dangerous when it’s used in the intended manner, it’s important that the company who made the product be held accountable for these injuries.

Product liability lawsuits ensure that unsafe products do not remain on the market, negligent companies are held accountable for any harm that has occurred, and that industry safety/quality standards can improve and continue to protect consumers.

Defining Design Defects

Design defects refer to a specific aspect of a dangerous product. A design defect is an inherent issue with the nature of the product. This means that the product has major issues with safety from the outset before it is made or distributed. Poor design can lead to serious injuries and harm, once that the makers of the product should have taken into account.

Examples of Defective and Dangerous Design Flaws

Many kinds of design defects may occur, but these two examples should offer a good understanding of these matters.

One example of a design defect involves poor weight distribution for sports utility vehicles (SUV). The higher center of gravity makes SUVs more likely to rollover during an accident, even single-vehicle collisions. If it can be shown that vehicle design could have been made safer to avoid serious injury, the maker of the SUV may be held accountable for the dangers of the design of the vehicle. The same would apply to any design flaws in steering, safety restraints, and brake systems.

Another example of serious design flaws involves toys for young children, especially for babies and toddlers. Any toys with pointed corners, sharp surfaces, or small parts can lead to cuts or pose a choking hazard. Toy makers need to be responsible in their design choices, particularly when it comes to toys for very young children.

Key Point: Inherent Danger of the Product

Note in the above that there’s a focus on the inherent design and nature of a product. Should the product become damaged, defective, or pose a danger as a result of some mishap in manufacturing or distribution, this is a different matter entirely. It’s a key distinction to consider in these kinds of cases.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Your Product Liability Case

Product liability lawsuits can be quite tricky and complicated. Having a skilled product liability attorney on your side will help you get all the information you need to build a strong case. We can fight hard for you, taking companies to task for their actions and helping you recover damages for injuries and other hardships endured.

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