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Road Rash after a Motorcycle Accident


Many motorcycle riders refer to the feeling of fresh air and freedom when they talk about what it is they love about riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, many of the aspects of motorcycle riding that cyclists love are also the things that make them more vulnerable on the road. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often result in serious personal injury. Because of the lack of protection, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to many injuries that are unique to their circumstances, including road rash. Road rash is a painful condition that can take several weeks to heal. Attorney Joe Horrox discusses the risks of motorcycle accidents and road rash with his Oak Hill, FL clients, and lets them know what their rights are following such an injury.

Severity of Road Rash

Road rash is one of the most common injuries following a motorcycle accident. While many riders suffer from road rash after a crash, not everyone will suffer to the same degree. Just as is the case with burns, road rash can be classified into three categories: first, second, and third degree road rash.

  • First-degree road rash: First-degree road rash is the most minor type of road rash injury. In these cases, patients may experience bruising and a reddening of the skin along with a slight tenderness. This condition is similar to a bad rug burn and should not require any medical attention; it will simply subside on its own.
  • Second-degree road rash: Road rash is classified as second degree when the skin is broken. Although the under layers of skin are not damaged by second-degree road rash, they are visible through the tears in the outer layer of skin. Second-degree road rash does require treatment, but it is often managed through the use of over-the-counter medications.
  • Third-degree road rash: Third-degree road rash is the most severe. When individuals suffer from third-degree road rash, all of the layers of skin are damaged, right down to the body’s layer of fat. In addition to being very painful, this deep tearing makes people more vulnerable to infection. Third-degree road rash will require immediate medical attention, and may require surgery, physical therapy, and hospitalization.

Dealing with Road Rash

Even a minor case of road rash can cause significant pain and has the risk of developing an infection. As such, it is important to treat road rash as directed by a medical professional. Unfortunately, when road rash is severe, treatment is likely to involve costly medical expenses. This is one reason that it is important for motorcyclists to seek legal advice following an accident. If another driver is found to be at fault for the motorcycle accident, they may be held liable for damages suffered and the cost of treatment. Attorney Joe Horrox can help individuals understand their rights following a motorcycle accident so that any due compensation can be collected.

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