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Premises Liability Lawsuits and Bars, Lounges, and Clubs


The legal team at Joe Horrox Law understands the dangers people face on a day to day basis. We also know that accidents can happen even in unexpected places. Those injured in the Daytona Beach area can count on u to help with premises liability lawsuits that hold property owners accountable.

Bars, lounges, and clubs are the last places one would expect to be injured, yet injuries can happen. Let’s take a moment to consider these matters right now.

A Night Out Should Not Be Dangerous

When going out on a weekend night, we expect to have a good time with friends and others. Yet sometimes accidents can occur at the most unexpected times and in the least expected places. You may not think of it much, but sometimes serious injuries and accidents occur at bars and clubs due to issues with the property itself. In these cases, premises liability lawsuits are necessary to keep property owners in check.

Establishments Should Prevent Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illnesses are a major concern, and they can affect establishments that serve food and drinks or just drinks. Certain safety standards are in place to help prevent foodborne illnesses from menu items as well as from ice, water, bottles, nozzles, and so forth.

The Building Itself Should Be Safe for the Public

There are a number of potential hazards at a property that can prove the cause of serious harm. This includes wet floors that pose a slipping hazard, exposed wires that can lead to electric shocks, ruts in carpets that can post a tripping hazard, and even loose light fixtures that can fall on people’s heads. Property owners need to keep their establishment safe and up to code.

Identification Should Be Checked at the Door

Underage drinking can lead to reckless choices and a greater risk of serious injury and harm. Because of this, it’s of the utmost importance that IDs be checked before drinks are served. At certain establishments that have strict laws about people being 21 or older, it’s a better idea still to check IDs before anyone enters said establishment.

Security or Bouncers Should Be on Hand

On the note of ID checks, some bars and clubs should have bouncers or some sort of security present at the establishment in order to avoid altercations and other kinds of serious problems. Even having just one person present and dedicated to security can prevent a number of potentially harmful situations.

Bartenders Should Exercise Good Judgment

Sometimes a person at a bar, nightclub, or lounge has simply had too much to drink. In such cases, it’s important that the bartender exercise his or her good judgment. Cutting off service to a heavily intoxicated customer can prevent serious altercations and accidents from occurring.

In some cases, a bartender may want to consider calling a cab to ensure this person gets home safe. Similarly, asking that person and his or her entire party to leave can help the intoxicated individual return home with others present as a precaution.

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