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Premises Liability Cases Involving Falling Debris Accidents


It can happen in a split second. A person is standing in a place of work talking to a colleague, or perhaps walking down the aisle of a store looking for the best deal. Suddenly, he or she is in pain, if he or she remains conscious at all after being struck by whatever heavy object fell from above. While he or she certainly isn’t thinking about filing a premises liability lawsuit at that exact moment, in the long run, that may be the only way he or she will be able to cope with the unexpected medical and other expenses that are about to dominate his or her life.

This is a sadly common scenario. Falling debris injuries occur on unsafe premises throughout the country every day. They can occur in people’s homes, in stores, and in workplaces. The bottom line is this: if you or someone you love has been injured by a falling object on someone else’s property, or if you have tragically lost a member of your family due to such an accident, you have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit against the party responsible for maintaining that property. As a legal visitor onto that property, you have every right to expect that the property will be reasonably safe for you to enter, and that you will be warned of any potential hazards to your safety.

As an expert in litigating cases involving premises liability and falling debris, Daytona Beach, FL personal injury attorney Joe Horrox has the skills, experience, and wherewithal to handle your claim. Contact Joe Horrox Law today to arrange for an evaluation of your premises liability case.

What Does “Falling Debris” Mean?

In the context of a premises liability case, “falling debris” refers to any object that falls from above a person’s head, striking and injuring that person from any height. That object could be a piece of machinery or equipment, a can or bottle, a box or boxes, or actual debris. It could be dropped by a person or fall due to being secured improperly. In order to present a successful premises liability case, attorney Joe Horrox must be able to demonstrate that the piece of debris fell and struck the injured party as a result of the property owner’s or manager’s failure to maintain safe conditions on the property. If safe conditions had been maintained, or if the injured party had been warned of potentially unsafe conditions, the accident would not have occurred.

Common Injuries in Falling Debris Accidents

The most common injuries sustained in falling debris accidents involve the head, neck, shoulders, and spine. Specific injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, whiplash, broken bones, and lacerations. Tragically, wrongful death cases often arise out of falling debris accidents, especially those that occur on construction accident sites and other workplaces.

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