Negligent Security

Generally speaking, any business that either has a history of criminal wrongdoing or that has knowledge of potential criminal activity must provide adequate security to keep its business invitees safe.

Therefore, businesses such as shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, bars, and night clubs, depending upon the circumstances, may legally be obligated to have proper security measures. This can include, but is not limited to, having proper lit parking lots to prevent attacks, sexual assaults and other criminal acts. It can also include a situation where a bar/nightclub fails to timely stop a fight between two or more of its patrons. There are a variety of factual scenarios which may allow for a recovery under this theory of the law.

In many negligent security cases, the business in question has experienced the same type of harmful event that you may have fallen victim to. Once Joe Horrox Law is retained as your Daytona negligent security attorney, we'll have our investigator check for extensive documentation to prove the business had knowledge of a problem. We look for prior documented police calls to the scene of the incident. Since the insurance company for the property owner is not going to automatically accept your theory of liability, it is most important to do the proper investigative work up. Your lawyer must convince the insurance adjuster that you have enough legal proof to make a recovery in court. Otherwise, your claim will go nowhere.

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