Our Approach To Bicycle Accidents

It goes without saying that people riding bicycles have even less protection than motorcycle riders. The fact that the bicyclist has virtually no protection or barrier in place only increases the likelihood of the accident victim sustaining a serious injury. When such an injury occurs in Daytona Beach, FL, being sent to the correct specialist for treatment is absolutely imperative to one's health.

Because the laws pertaining to bicycle claims can be complicated, it is important to consult an experienced Daytona bicycle accident attorney immediately following your unfortunate accident. One of the lawyer's most important responsibilities early on in the legal representation is locating all possible avenues of insurance coverage which will help pay the client's damages, including possibly one's own homeowner's insurance coverage.

In certain circumstances, no-fault insurance/personal protection insurance may apply in a bicycle case. As we have stated, when such coverage applies, it helps reduce ultimately the amount of outstanding medical bills and wage loss, and enables the injured victim to receive the medical care and treatment they both need and deserve without having to wait on the at fault party's insurance carrier to make a payment decision on the claim.

Our law firm's vast experience processing personal injury claims provides us with a solid foundation upon which to analyze routine issues in bicycle cases, such as:

  • Liability where the accident occurs from road hazards or construction defects, including potholes.
  • Bicyclists attacked by dogs or other animals that have entered into their path of travel;
  • Motor vehicles which are being operated carelessly and stray into or toward the path of the bicyclist, and which may not even physically strike or contact the bicyclist.

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