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Personal Injury and Loss of Income


Whether injured in a car accident or shopping mall, your personal injury has likely prevented you from working, at least temporarily. At Joe Horrox Law throughout Palm Coast and Daytona Beach, FL, we understand the financial strain this can have on you and your family. Our law firm will aggressively pursue compensation for your personal injury and loss of income to ease the financial hardships you are facing.

Whether your injury only resulted in several weeks of missed work or an extended period of missed work, our attorneys will calculate your lost income to ensure you are appropriately compensated for those damages. We work with top financial experts to ensure we carefully examine every factor that impacted your income.

Temporary Loss of Income

Temporary loss of income could be as short as six weeks while recovering from a broken bone, or it could be a year or more. Either way, it is assumed that you will have the ability to return to work at some point in the future. We can look at your previous pay stubs to determine just how much money you are losing while you are out of work. We also work with medical professionals to get an estimated timeframe for your return to work. This helps us determine just how long you might be out of work and how much income you have lost.

Long-term Loss of Income

More serious injuries may require a more extensive leave from work. In some cases, victims are unable to return to work entirely. Calculating this loss of income is a bit more complex, and we must look at additional factors. Your age, level of education, career path, and current pay are all considered, as well as your potential for promotions and raises and the future. To ensure we have the most accurate picture of what your future income may have looked like, we work with leading financial experts.

Reduced Earning Capacity

Some personal injury victims are able to return to work eventually, but are unable to return to their previous position and level of pay. This is common among injured construction workers, as they are unable to return to such physically demanding jobs. This is referred to as reduced earning capacity. Because they can no longer perform certain tasks, they do not meet the requirements for their previous position or other higher-paying jobs.

At Joe Horrox Law, we believe injured workers should be appropriately compensated for their reduced earning capacity. Our network of financial experts can help calculate how much a worker’s earning capacity has been reduced and ensure those calculations are included in our pursuit for compensatory damages.

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If you or someone you love was hurt in an accident that left him or her unable to work for an extended period of time, you need to speak with our expert attorneys. We can evaluate your situation and help you pursue a personal injury claim that will provide you with compensation for lost income and more. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.