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Neck and Back Injuries Can Occur After Slip and Fall Accidents


Clients turn to Joe Horrox Law because the firm achieves results. Serving the injured and their families throughout the Oak Hill region, we take all cases and claims seriously. Some of the most serious of these legal claims are premises liability lawsuits over accidents caused by a property owner’s negligence.

Slip and falls are common in premises liability lawsuits. However, they can have some severe consequences, especially if the incident results in an injury to the neck or back.

Slip and Fall Accidents Should Never Be Taken Lightly

If you experience any kind of slip and fall injury that involves a hard fall on the back or your neck, you should never take these matters lightly. A serious fall can cause major damage to the spinal cord or the surrounding soft tissues. This may require time off of work to heal, or even result in lasting changes to your mobility and overall wellness. It’s for this reason that you should seek medical attention as soon as possible if you notice any major pain or sense a serious change to your wellness.

Injuries to the Back Can Affect Mobility and Cause Pain

If you experience a serious back injury, it may involve a slipped disc (herniated disc) or a pinched nerve. These can both be quite painful. In fact, a slipped disc can make it very difficult to get around and lift even light options. Pinched nerves can cause weakness in your extremities and serious pain in your back as you move.

The same kinds of challenges may be faced if you experience a serious injury to the muscles and other soft tissues surrounding the back.

Neck Injuries Can Have Major Effects on Wellness

Injuries to your neck can have some significant effects on your health. For one, you may have a stiff neck and find it difficult to turn your head and your body in certain ways. Sleeping in certain positions may prove quite painful. Neck injuries can lead to headaches since the pain may raditate through your body.

Spinal Cord Injuries Could Lead to Long-Term Disability

If you experience a severe injury during a slip and fall that harms your spinal cord, the effects can be disastrous. The most serious consequence may be varying degree of paralysis. In the case of paraplegia, that means the loss of use and sensation in the lower extremities. For quadriplegia, that means the loss of use and sensation in all of the extremities. Both of these severe spinal cord injuries will change your life and the lives of your loved ones forever.

Legal Damages for Neck, Back, and Spinal Cord Injuries

If your slip and fall was the result of a property owner’s negligence, it’s important that you partner with a premises liability and injury attorney in order to recover damages. These monetary awards will cover the cost of medical care and other kinds of material losses (compensatory damages) as well as punish the negligent party for what they have done or failed to do (punitive damages).

Since the legal system can be complicated, it’s ideal to work with a skilled lawyer. Your lawyer will handle the hoops and ladders of the litigation process so that you can focus on healing, recovery, and moving forward.

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