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Manufacturing Defects: How These Can Lead to a Product Liability Lawsuit


The legal team at Joe Horrox Law is proud to help the people of Daytona Beach in their quest for justice. We can take on complicated personal injury litigation, and we will not be intimidated even in lawsuits against large businesses or corporate interests.

This fearlessness is imperative in all sorts of cases, particularly product liability lawsuits. Let’s take a moment to consider your legal rights and options when it comes to lawsuits involving defective products.

About Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits are intended to hold companies accountable for making dangerous and harmful products that put consumers at risk. Thanks to product liability lawsuits, new safety standards can be established that ensure no one is harmed as a result of defective products, and the products available to the public are much safer than before.

Manufacturing Defects and Defective Products

Manufacturing defects are one potential cause of serious injury to consumers. Manufacturing defects refer to issues that are related specifically to the manufacturing of a product and the fabrication of its components. These kinds of product defects take many different forms. This may mean issues with human error on the assembly line or the use of the wrong materials when putting a product together.

Keep in mind that manufacturing defects are a separate issue from other potential causes of dangerous products, such as a lack of proper labeling on the product or issues with the overall design of said product.

Examples of Manufacturing Errors

One example of a manufacturing defect that can lead to injury is poorly made safety restraints in a vehicle. The seat belts in a car may be properly designed and may function as they should in theory, but poor manufacturing practices and shoddy workmanship can result in major dangers. The safety restraints may be loose rather than secure, or they may not be bolted properly to protect people in accidents.

Another example of a manufacturing error is the use of the wrong plastics in the fabrication of child safety seats. In such cases, the plastic used may shatter into large, sharp pieces rather than remaining intact. This can lead to cuts and puncture wounds on infants, exacerbating injuries in the process rather than protecting a child from harm.

There are other examples to consider, but these ought to give you a good idea about the issues that people face when a manufacturing error occurs, and why we never take these matters for granted.

Seeking Damages for Injuries and Losses

Those injured by a defective product may be entitled to damages to cover the injuries that they have sustained. This includes compensatory damages and potentially punitive damages.

Compensatory damages will cover the cost of actual losses sustained as a result of an injury, including medical bills, the cost of physical rehabilitation, lost wages, and so forth.

Punitive damages will be sought to punish negligent parties for particularly egregious acts. These kinds of damages are sought in excess of compensatory damages.

How a Product Liability Attorney Can Help

The laws regarding defective products, injuries, and liability can be complicated, which is why it’s so important to have a skilled attorney on your side. Working with an attorney rather than going it alone is ideal, and it can help you get the proper perspective on your case in your time of legal need.

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