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Lack of Safety Information May Be Grounds for a Product Liability Lawsuit


The legal team at Joe Horrox Law is never intimidated by business or corporate interests. Our interest is justice and our clients, and that is the bottom line. This dedication to the injured and their loved ones is what has made us a leading personal injury law firm in Daytona Beach, and we intend to keep things that way.

We mention businesses and corporate interests because these entities are often the ones we take on when helping clients with product liability lawsuits. These can be filed for many reasons, though the one we’d like to focus on involves a lack of basic safety information in the product instruction.

Defining Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability lawsuits are filed in order to hold the manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers of harmful consumer goods accountable for the injuries that their items have caused. These kinds of lawsuits will help improve safety standards, push for better production of items, and prevent future incidents like the one that occurred from happening in the future. They are an important part of protecting people from severe injuries and harm.

The Importance of Proper Instructions and Safety Information

When we purchase any kind of consumer item, we expect these items to be safe so long as they are used as directed. For instance, when using a power tool for a specified task, it is not unheard of to expect this tool to function properly and not cause harm. Sometimes harm does occur from the normal use of an item, however, and that can be grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

In some cases, however, the issue is that the product does not have proper safety information for users and consumers. A person may be using an item in a manner that may seem safe, but in fact poses a danger.

Dangers from Lack of Proper Instructions

One example of a danger from the lack of safety instructions involves the use of cleaning agents. Sometimes it’s important that people only use cleaning items in well-ventilated areas. Wearing a mask may actually be most ideal for some particularly caustic chemicals. Yet if there is no warning label about this or any safety information, this could lead to serious harm of the respiratory system and the throat. The same can be said for cleaning items that require a person to wear gloves or avoid contact with their skin. This should be noted in the instructions to avoid injury. Similarly, it’s important to have safety info on such items in case of accidental ingestion or contact so immediate medal attention can be sought.

Other times it may be recommended that you use the product in a very specific manner and only in certain kinds of situations. For example, you may want to avoid using a power drill or a drill bit on certain materials as there could be hazards that arise, such as stray fragments while drilling stone or concrete. This ought to be noted on the instructions just as a precaution.

Even something as simple as a recommended age for a product can prevent harm. For young children this is especially important since certain toys may pose a choking hazard or potential causes of injury. This needs to be considered by all companies who market children’s products.

Companies Should Consider Consumer Safety at All Times

No matter what the product may be, companies have to keep the safety and health of consumers in mind. Failure to do so can be ground for a product liability lawsuit. We’re here to help seek justice when negligence has occurred.

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