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Daytona Bike Week Injuries: Get Legal Help If You Are Harmed


Bike Week is a motorcycle event and rally that attracts half a million people to Central Florida from around the country over the course of 10 days. Usually occurring in the first full week of March, this year’s gathering is fast approaching. Bike Week for 2015 will run from Friday, March 6th to Sunday, March 15th.

The legal team at Joe Horrox Law knows that with all the visitors descending on the Daytona Beach area, motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, and serious injuries are more likely. This caution from us, local residents, and local authorities is warranted since Bike Week, though fun and a nice boost for local business owners, comes with its fair share of problems.

Accidents at Bike Week 2014

Last year, there were a number of accidents related to Bike Week that resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. One incident involved a man from New York who collided with another vehicle while driving his motorcycle. Another incident claimed the life of a Massachusetts man who lost control of his motorcycle, injuring others in the process. Another fatal motorcycle accident occurred the day before Bike Week even began, claiming the life of a West Virginia man. A North Dakota motorcyclist was also the victim of a fatal motorcycle accident near the end of Bike Week 2014.

Fatal accidents, injuries, and fender benders are bound to happen when so many people are brought together in one place, so keep that in mind while Bike Week is in town.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents During Bike Week

Some common causes of motorcycle accidents during Bike Week include

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Road debris
  • Road rage
  • Racing
  • Driver inattention/distraction

How You Can Protect Yourself

During Bike Week, residents need to be sure to drive cautiously, be patient, and avoid busy thoroughfares when possible. While the traffic may be aggravating, keep cool under the circumstances and do your best to remain as collected and safe as possible.

For local and visiting motorcyclists participating in Bike Week, be sure to drive responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, abide by traffic laws, drive within the speed limit, and wear all protective gear while on the road (i.e., helmet, jacket, gloves, etc.).

Simple precautions and courtesy while on the road will ensure that Bike Week is a good time for everyone and no one will be harmed.

How Our Legal Team Can Help You

If you are injured or a loved one is seriously harmed as a result of a Bike Week motorcycle accident, our legal team will fight for you to ensure the negligent party is held accountable. We will seek damages in order to address injuries, property damage, and other losses that are the result of a collision or serious incident of any kind.

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